Looking Great!

Our ‘Expanse’ quilts are looking great in the City of Perth Library–till the end of March.  You can catch a glimpse at the back right of the photo. The larger than life slide-show which features photos of the ‘Expanse’ landscapes, with sections of the quilts overlaid,  is very eye-catching. Thanks to Stella and Roberta for installing the quilts and to Liz and Meg for creating the slide show.


Expanse Exhibition

Our latest quilt set ‘Expanse, Western Australian Landscapes with Aboriginal History’ will be on display in the City of Perth Library, Hay St, Perth from February 11-March 30, library hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm; Saturday, 10am to 4pm; Sunday, 12pm to 4pm; Public holidays, closed.  The quilts will be in the library foyer display cabinets. We are also mounting a slide show for the huge screen above the library counter–with photos of the real landscapes to which the quilts relate. Our booklet that documents Aboriginal history for each landscape will be available for perusal. We hope you enjoy the display.HA Ex1 Full a

Rabbit Proof Fence by Hilary Arber

Conference talk

The slides below are from a conference talk, in September 2019, on the Inspiration and Influences enjoyed by our group. Notes in a small font have been added to the slides that were used at the talk, for clarification. Click on any slide to start the slide show.




Hutt Lagoon

The pink of Hutt Lagoon near Port Gregory, WA attracts tourists by the busload! The colour is due to algae dunaliella salina which are farmed as a source of beta-carotene, along with brine shrimp for aquaculture. Denise Mallon has captured the colouration in her ‘Hutt Lagoon’ quilt for the Expanse set. Materials include hand dyed and commercial fabrics, cotton gauze, silk, bobbin work, hand embroidery, machine quilted.

HuttLagoon 1 photoshopped


Expanse Quilts got to the NZ Quilt Symposium

Three of our WA Inspired Group (Hilary, Stephanie and Pat) are heading off to NZ to present our latest quilt set ‘Expanse, Western Australian Landscapes with Aboriginal History’. We are looking forward to the fun.

Coastal Track by Stephanie Knudsen: This quilt is inspired by an overhead drone photo taken by my nephew Richard Young who lives in Broome, Western Australia. It depicts the vivid colours of the water, the rocks and cliff face and a muddy track winding through the vegetation along the coast.

Cable Camels by Stephanie Knudsen: Riding camels on Cable Beach in Broome is such a Western Australian icon, enjoyed by overseas visitors as well as locals.


Outback Skies

A Night Outback by Stella King: “I love the boab trees that are common in the Kimberley region. They remind me of the part of Africa that I grew up in. This work is inspired by the amazing photography of Benjamin James Kapinski and Mark Wassell as well as many awesome photographs of the Milky Way that can be found on the internet. ‘Emu in the Sky’ is depicted, formed by black spaces in the Milky Way, with the Southern Cross in front of its head. It is a common subject of Aboriginal narratives”.

Venus Appears over Kandimalal (Wolfe Creek Crater) by Roberta Chantler: ‘While living under canvas in the Kimberley, I was fully aware of the surrounding environment. Camped at Kandimalal (Wolfe Creek Crater), I watched each afternoon for the appearance of the Evening Star (Venus) shortly after sunset, marvelling at the splendour of the Universe, my place within it, knowing hundreds of generations star gazing before me have had the same experience’.

Inland Taster

Here is a sample of the Inland subset of our new quilt set ‘Expanse, Western Australian Landscapes with Aboriginal History’. First up is ‘Eyre Highway Rest Stop’ by Elizabeth Humphreys.

Second is ‘Heart of the Pilbara’ by Hilary Arber.

You might also like to see the quilts some of us have been working on for the Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest https://mountmagnetquiltproject.wordpress.com/ 

New Quilt Set

We are about to launch our new quilt set ‘Expanse, Western Australian Landscapes with Aboriginal History’. Each member of our group has made two quilts which form two subsets – Coast and Inland. Below is a taster of the quilts in the ‘Coast’ subset. We have taken photographs to provide context for the quilts. The Aboriginal History will soon be available in a downloadable booklet. Click on the images to see the detail – it can take a couple of seconds for the photos to appear in focus.

Torgadirrup (The Gap), Albany by Meg Cowey. The impressive granite cliffs seem like an indestructible fortress. Yet one narrow section lost the battle with the ocean tides to create the channel known as The Gap. The view of waves pouring in and out is awe-inspiring and compelling.

Southern Ocean Cliffs by Elizabeth Humphreys. The Eyre Highway passes close to the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight which came into existence when Gondwana broke apart and separated from Antarctica around 50 million years ago. Occupation by the Mirning Aboriginal language group before European settlement in the area is believed to date back 40,000 years.