Inland Taster

Here is a sample of the Inland subset of our new quilt set ‘Expanse, Western Australian Landscapes with Aboriginal History’. First up is ‘Eyre Highway Rest Stop’ by Elizabeth Humphreys.

Second is ‘Heart of the Pilbara’ by Hilary Arber.

You might also like to see the quilts some of us have been working on for the Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest 


New Quilt Set

We are about to launch our new quilt set ‘Expanse, Western Australian Landscapes with Aboriginal History’. Each member of our group has made two quilts which form two subsets – Coast and Inland. Below is a taster of the quilts in the ‘Coast’ subset. We have taken photographs to provide context for the quilts. The Aboriginal History will soon be available in a downloadable booklet. Click on the images to see the detail – it can take a couple of seconds for the photos to appear in focus.

Torgadirrup (The Gap), Albany by Meg Cowey. The impressive granite cliffs seem like an indestructible fortress. Yet one narrow section lost the battle with the ocean tides to create the channel known as The Gap. The view of waves pouring in and out is awe-inspiring and compelling.

Southern Ocean Cliffs by Elizabeth Humphreys. The Eyre Highway passes close to the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight which came into existence when Gondwana broke apart and separated from Antarctica around 50 million years ago. Occupation by the Mirning Aboriginal language group before European settlement in the area is believed to date back 40,000 years.



Last Chance to See the Wetlands Quilt Set

Our Wetlands quilt set is on display at Rockingham Central Library until May 24, library hours, and then it will be sold. There will be a presentation about it this Thursday, May 16, 6 pm – 8 pm  at the library with refreshments after the slideshow / talk.  The quilts are complemented by poems matched with each quilt which will amuse and pause you to ponder, and a display on conservation of the endangered swamp tortoise. The library is on Dixon Rd, Rockingham, in the grounds of the Murdoch University Campus.


Rockingham Exhibit opens Monday

Come to enjoy quilts with poetry. An example that compares ‘what was’ with ‘what is now’,  and an example to make you smile follow. Click on an image to read the poem.

Exhibit details.  Rockingham Central Library,  Dixon Road on Murdoch University Campus, Rockingham

April 29  – May 24, library hours

Opening 10am  May 2, rsvp

Presentation 6pm May 16,  rsvp

Whoopee, an extra week

City of Perth have asked that we hang our Noongar Country, Wetland Glimpses quilts for an extra week in their library.  So, if you haven’t visited yet, you have until November 15. You can have a peek preview in the slideshows below, but of course quilts look better in the real.

Detail and context

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The quilts

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Booklet with artist statements and story  Wetlands Quilt Set Booklet

Heritage Perth Weekend Talk, City of Perth Library 20/10/18

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Wetland Quilts Plus

We are sooo pleased with the responses to our 16 small quilts in the City of Perth Library. The library is a great place exhibit. In addition to the quilts there is a larger than life slide show above the library counter, works by Noongar artists besides the entries to the lifts on each floor, and pamphlet and social media advertising all arranged by the library.  Then there is our visitor book with comments that tell us it is all worth while, and our booklet that documents links between our quilts and Noongar culture.  Please visit — the exhibit is up until November 8, and we are giving a talk on October 20, 2pm-3pm as part of Perth Heritage weekend–book (free) through the Perth Heritage website after October 7.

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