Balbuk’s Country Quilt set is installed!

DSC09310a_edited-1Balbuk’s Country: Heirisson Island, Looking East by Elizabeth Humphreys

Last Thursday was exciting! Balbuk’s Country quilt set (15 small quilts) was installed in the glass cabinets by the library entry desk at City of Perth library. Terrific lighting makes the quilts sparkle and brings out their colours. As we left, floral arrangements in sympathy with the quilts were being installed in the foyer of Council House. Do visit if you are in the city. The exhibits will be up till May 17. They honour Fanny Balbuk, an Aboriginal women who lived at the time of white settlement in Perth.


Amazing Meeting

Last Wednesday we previewed our ‘Balbuk’s Country’ quilts to a small group of City of Perth employees, Gina Pickering from the National Trust, and two of Fanny Balbuk’s ‘Whadjuk’, Noongar family group. The experience was profound.

The Whadjuk people were Glenys Lawrence (Ponton) Yarran and Dianne Wynne (daughter of Glenys). After we each described the motivation and symbolism in our quilts, Glenys responded to them. She recalled, as a child, knowing the river crossing where the Causeway now stands. She was born in the Burswood area and used to walk to the Perth city area with her family, staying only within the hours that Aboriginal people were allowed. She referred to our ‘bush tucker’ quilts and, when Liz asked her, gave us her method of cooking kangaroo meat.

Afterwards our group enjoyed morning tea, provided by the National Trust, when we sat outside the City of Perth library with Dianne, Glenys and Gina. Conversation was interesting all around. Among other things, Dianne told us about her involvement in setting up a reimagining project on Aboriginal culture, and Roberta and Glenys had a friendly chat about days past in Gosnells.

DSC04269 Hilary explaining her map of the Swan River to Jenna who will be installing the quilts in the City of Perth library

DSC04267 Jenna getting the low down from Liz on the attachment of the Velcro that Jenna requested

IMG_5461Roberta explaining her ‘Continuous Crossing’ quilt

Our Exhibitions

Our quilt display in City of Perth Library is from April 18- May 17, in cabinets to the right of the library counter near the library entrance. We would love you to pop in while in the city. Do look above the library counter : there will be a continuous slide show of us sewing!

Our Mundaring Art Centre Exhibition runs from May 6 to June 18. One of us will be in attendance at the following times so you could have a guided tour. Floor talks at other times may be able to be arranged for groups–email

Sunday, May 14th. 11am – 12noon.

Sunday, May 21st. 11am – 12noon.

Friday May 26th, 11am – 12noon.

Saturday June 3rd, 1pm – 2pm.   

Saturday June 10th, 11am – 12noon.



We have been busy preparing for exhibitions and will start regular posts again now.

City of Perth Library April 18- May 17, Balbuck’s Country quilt set (15 small quilts on early white settlement in Perth and Fanny Balbuck 1840-1907, a Noongar woman). This exhibit is part of the National Trust Heritage festival and is a very exciting venture for us.

QuiltWest, Perth Convention Centre, May 24 – 27. We have entered a selection of quilts from ‘Balbuk’s Country’ set into the small quilt category at QuiltWest.

Mundaring Arts Centre, May 6 – June 18. Triptych quilts  on Primary Production are the feature of this exhibition. Their subjects are varied – wheat, sheep, canola, forestry, fish farming, vineyards and orchards. This exhibition will see the realisation of our initial aim to exhibit in an art gallery. The photo is of one of the three quilts in Roberta Chantler’s work.



We are selling cards with quilt photos on the front, creator’s name and quilt title on the back, and blank inside. Each comes with an envelope and is protected by a plastic sleeve. We will take the ones that we have left to the November CQG meeting. If you would like some, ask Hilary Arber or Pat Forster at the meeting.

set of 7 note-cards $21 (L to R, top row, by Stella king, Denise Mallon, Roberta Chantler, Pat Forster; bottom row, by Stephanie Knudsen, Hilary Arber, Liz Humphries)

1-dsc04079-003 dsc04221-008 dsc05934-001 1-DSC04117-004.JPG dsc06548-001 dsc04058-003 dsc05667-004

landscape cards, $4 each or $24 for your combination of 7 (L to R, top row by Stephanie Knudsen, Hilary Arber; 2nd row by Denise Mallon, Hilary Arber; 3rd row by Roberta Chantler, Liz Humphries)

dsc05930  dsc04058-002dsc04221-007  1-dsc05216 dsc05244a  dsc05934

Great news!

Our big news is that have been allocated Gallery 1 at Mundaring Arts Centre for an exhibition from May 5 to June 18, 2017. Hence, we have been beavering away and rumour has it that four (maybe more) of us have finished our Primary Production triptychs for the exhibition–we meet in a fortnight when we will unveil the pieces to each other, always an exciting time. Here is foot from another of Pat’s pieces – an opportunity for you to guess the animal–and yes, they are farmed in WA!





Quilt events are brewing

This blog has been a bit quiet because lots of things are brewing but nothing finalised. We have applied to exhibit at a gallery and are still waiting to hear, and have applied to have our Series I collection travel, and are still waiting to hear.

Otherwise we are all working on our Series II works which are in the theme of ‘WA Primary Production’ or some such title. We have also been asked to make a set for public display next year on a historical theme so are settling on what each of us will portray.

Photos are apparently important on a blog, so here is a sneek preview of a small section of a primary production work–can you guess what is portrayed?